Specialized Maintenance Procedures

Specialized Ladder Design and Application Live Line Conductor Cart Structure Change Outs Multi-String Barehand Deadend Barehand V-String Insulated Crane Mount Barehand Access Barehand Deadend Alternate Barehand V-String Access Alternate Barehand Deadend Access Live Line Wet Wash - Deadend Live Line Wet Wash - Polymer Suspension Live Line Wet Wash - Suspension Live Line Insulator Dry Wash Live Substation Dry Wash Silicone/Sylgard Application Live Substation Barehand Insulator Change Live Substation Switch Maintenance Live Substation Switch Maintenance KT Live Line KT Live Line newImageOne newImageTwo newImageThree newImageFour newImageFive newImageSix

TECT, Inc. offers other services as specified in the Company Profile including procedures.